Original Xiaomi Mijia IH 2.4GHz WiFi Multifunction Pressure Rice Cooker, Volume: 3L(White)


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2 in stock

1. IH electromagnetic surrounded heating and heat convection, evenly cook rice or ingredients
2. Pressurizes perssure to 1.2 atmospheric pressure and increases cooking temperature to about 105 Celsius degree, rice tastes better
3. Circulation boiling, preserves nutrition in the rice
4. Can withstand up to 2.2 standard atmospheric pressure, safe in use
5. 2000 rice cooking programs and adjust rice texture at your will
6. Gray cast iron liner, good thermal conductivity and reservation, retains ingredients’ flavor
7. PFA food grade coating, prevents rice from sticking on the liner
8. 7 layers process for heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant liner, longer use life
9. Easy to operate and clean
10. Food grade PP rice scoop
11. 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi, remote controls your rice cooker while you are away
12. Do not use this rice cooker to cook nori, seaweed and other ingredients that may block vent holes
13. Do not move or shake the rice cooker while it is working
14. Do not touch liner or vent holes while the rice cooker is cooking or just finish cooking
15. Do not cover vent holes while using
16. Fast cooking and fine cooking function are not suitable for cooking congee
17. Suitable altitude: 0-2000m
18. Package included:
1 x Rice scoop
1 x Congee scoop
1 x Measuring cup
1 x Power adapter

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